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We are experienced intellectual property and information technology (IT) lawyers. Our services include advising and representing commercial clients on technology law issues such as property licensing, internet commerce, and computer systems acquisitions and leases.

Harness Technology’s Potential and Protect Your Innovations

Without a doubt, technology’s exponential growth over the last few decades have opened up new vistas of commercial opportunity. However, technological advances also fuel a constantly evolving legal environment. To navigate this disruptive climate, you need technology and intellectual property lawyers who can move at the speed of innovation.
Our Winnipeg technology law and intellectual property lawyers can help you to harness technology’s vast potential while mitigating its risks, including those related to intellectual property. They are plugged into technology law’s ever changing landscape, with a true commitment to staying ahead of the curve.  

Industry Specialists with a Collaborative Approach

Our technology law and intellectual property lawyers can deliver legal solutions tailored to your business. Our approach is industry savvy, yet client focused, strategic and collaborative in equal measure. Above all else, our technology law and intellectual property lawyers aim to empower their clients in what can be a complex, confusing legal environment that includes:

  •   Software Development and Licensing Agreements: advising on, and drafting agreements to define the relationship between licensor and licensee.
  •   Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements: advising on, and drafting agreements to prevent the disclosure of valuable business information.
  •   Co-Development and Co-marketing Agreements: advising on, and drafting agreements with respect to multiple business interests working together to promote a common product or service.
  •   Software Maintenance and Escrow Agreements: helping clients to protect their interests via a third-party agent temporarily holding assets such as data or source codes.
  •   System Integration Agreements: providing specialized legal counsel for agreements governing systems integration projects.
  •   End User Licensing Agreements: helping clients to define the rights of software purchasers.
  •   Protection of Patent, Copyright and Trademark Rights: assisting clients to identify and protect their rights with respect to intellectual property.
  •   Electronic and Internet Commerce: assisting clients to successfully navigate legislation with respect to electronic business transactions.
  •   Website Agreements: helping clients to define and manage their relationships with website users.
  •   Technology Transfers and Acquisitions: supporting clients to navigate the commercial rights and liabilities affected by their technology-related transactions.
  •   Computer Systems Acquisitions and Leases: supporting clients to acquire or lease systems