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We are lawyers experienced in acting on behalf of developers, owners, prime contractors, sub-contractors, design professionals, suppliers, and bonding and insurance companies - both commercial construction and residential construction. We have experience in construction disputes in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario.

Robust Legal Support for Efficient Construction Projects

We provide pro-active assistance to keep construction projects on track and construction contracts moving forward. And when construction projects and construction contracts go off track, we are also there to assist. We provide efficient, knowledgeable and cost-effective service in the following areas:

  •   Contract Drafting and Advice
  •   Construction Disputes
  •   Contract Disputes
  •   Construction Agreements
  •   Performance Bonds
  •   Labour and Material Bonds
  •   Lien Bonds
  •   Construction Insurance
  •   Builders’ Liens
  •   Construction Liens
  •   Construction Trusts
  •   Contract Tendering and Bidding
  •   Construction Litigation
  •   Construction Delay Claims
  •   Construction Deficiency Claims
  •   Construction Environmental Claims
  •   Construction Workplace Health and Safety Issues
  •   Labour and Employment Concerns
  •   Contract Account Collections
  •   Construction Project Management Advice

Construction Agreements: Investing in Protection

Contracts do not necessarily have to be long or filled with legalese.

Contracts need to reflect the real world of construction and law. Construction contracts should focus on key areas; be concise; be clear; suitable to the task at hand and understandable to everyone. Ultimately, contracts are put in place to protect the parties involved—whether they are developers, owners, prime contractors, sub-contractors, architects, engineers, or suppliers.

We can help you strike the right balance that works for your company and your industry.

Do you need a contract lawyer or consultation with a construction law firm? Contact us today to discuss your legal needs.

Avoiding Construction Disputes

The unfortunate truth is that most construction disputes and contract litigation are avoidable. Almost all such conflicts can be traced to a mistake at an earlier stage, such as under-bidding; failing to properly screen a contracting party; entering into an onerous or ill-conceived contract; failing to pro-actively address issues as they arise; and so forth.

We can help you identify these issues and avoid them.

Expert Handling of Contract Claim Litigation and Arbitration

Despite best efforts, sometimes construction disputes and litigation are unavoidable. At these times you do not want to bring a knife to gun fight.

While we specialize in construction law, our background is litigation. We have successfully litigated numerous matters up to, and including trial, appeal and even at the Supreme Court of Canada (leave application).

If litigation is unavoidable, or if you need to leverage a better negotiating position, we can help you.

Do you need a contract lawyer or consultation with a construction law firm? Contact us today to discuss your legal needs.