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We represent and advise clients with respect to a wide variety of commercial and corporate issues, from creating shareholder agreements to navigating the sale of business assets

In Winnipeg and beyond, our corporate and commercial lawyers have demonstrated their capability to serve clients across a broad range of issues impacting business.  

Ensuring Success, Security, and Stability in Corporate Affairs

Our commercial and corporate lawyers take a practical and efficient approach to all corporate commercial and business matters.

In Winnipeg and across Canada, our corporate and commercial lawyers advise and represent clients on matters such as
  •   Incorporations: setting up business ventures to optimize tax and liability protection, amongst other benefits.
  •   Unanimous Shareholders Agreements: creating a document to govern relationships among shareholders; establishing a pathway for the peaceful, uncontested resolution of disputes or exits.
  •   Corporate Maintenance: attending to a corporation’s yearly obligations, preventing all government penalties and ensuring good legal standing, year after year
  •   Corporate Governance: advising and supporting clients with respect to management issues, obligations of directors and rights of shareholders, amongst other matters.
  •   Mergers and Acquisitions: handling the purchase or merger of companies.
  •   Business Asset Purchases and Sales: protecting client interests with respect to the sale or purchase of business assets.
  •   Share Purchases and Sales: protecting client interests with respect to share transactions.
  •   Commercial Real Estate Conveyances: assisting clients with the buying, selling, and/or refinancing of commercial real estate.
  •   Lending and Financing: advising and assisting clients with respect to debt transactions.
  •   Commercial Leases: advising on, and drafting, legally binding contracts between landlords and tenants
  •   Contracts: advising on, and drafting, legally enforceable agreements.
  •   Franchises: advising and assisting franchisors and franchisees./li>
  •   Development Agreements: advising on, and drafting, development agreements.
  •   Employment and Independent Contractor Agreements: advising on, and drafting, legally binding contracts with employees, employers and independent contractors.s
  •   Angel and Venture Capital Financing: advising on and protecting interests on behalf of investors and those seeking to secure capital.