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Letter of reference from: G4S Secure Solutions (Canada) Ltd.




I have owned a commercial construction company in Winnipeg Manitoba for over 30 years.Over the years,I have had a few legal scrapes and I've needed help from lawyers.Aside from Ivan Holloway of Holloway Thlivers Construction and Commercial Lawyers,none of these lawyers knew anything about construction law,builder liens,etc Ivan knows construction law and contract law and provides practical advice.Highly recommended!

- Richard Ray

I have used Ivan Holloway of Holloway Thliveris Construction and Commercial Lawyers for litigation and legal advice on a variety of commercial, contract and business matters. Highly recommended for any kind of contract, commercial, business or construction-related legal matter. Ivan Holloway is knowledgeable, skilled, practical-minded and returns all my calls and emails quickly.

- Ellery Burton

I have owned and operated a number of businesses, including a commercial construction company, for over 30 years. Over this time, I have dealt with many lawyers. Seventeen years ago, I retained Ivan Holloway to litigate a construction contract dispute in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I found Ivan Holloway to be responsive, reasonable, easy to work with, very professional and highly competent. Since then I have exclusively engaged Ivan Holloway for all my construction and commercial lawsuits in Winnipeg and in other cities in Canada. I have no hesitation in recommending Ivan Holloway of Holloway Thliveris LLP for construction, contract and commercial legal disputes and claims.

- Gary Bates